(DISPLAY SAMPLE) White Rectangular Tray with Handles

All Comme Home products are made of marble which is a very delicate material. During the production process some pieces inevitably get chips and scratches or damaged during transport. With our strict quality standards these still beautiful sample pieces are considered unsuitable for sale at full price. 

Our sample pieces are still in great, brand new and usable condition. Some are ex display products and may have price tags, residue from price tags, scratches, chips or imperfections.  

We believe all our products (like people) deserve a loving home and we hope you'll welcome them home, flaws and all.


A new addition, our White Rectangular Tray with Handles is the perfect marriage of marble and brass. Perfect for displaying your collection of perfumes and candles. Or serve up some canapés on them and be très chic. 

Dimensions: 20cm x 30cm
Material: White and grey veined marble 


The unique features of marble means no two pieces are alike in veining and shading. As a naturally occurring stone it may have slight fissures which are normal characteristics of marble and not considered as faults.

*Visit our Marble Care section to learn how to care for our Comme Home marble



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